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Utila Property Management


Utila Property Management and Vacation Rental Services

Utila Property Management is a full service property management and vacation rental company, founded and operated by JJ & Tina King. Our goal is to protect property owner’s valuable investment and maximize the property’s earning potential. Attention to detail when caring for the property itself and assisting guest from the moment a reservation is confirmed until the guest leave the Island is the cornerstone of our philosophy.


We have years of property management experience on Utila, and over 20 years of personal experience in the often precarious and confusing world of home ownership in Central America. Maintaining   We are also legal residents of Honduras and therefore fully sanctioned to legally conduct business in Honduras and maintain an excellent relationship with the Municipality, vendors and local and expat business people.


Utila Property Management is a fully licensed company with extensive experience in all aspects of owning and operating a vacation rental property on Utila including but not limited to:

  • Permitting and Licensing with the Municipality and SAR (Honduran tax authority)

  • Issuing sales tax receipts for submission to SAR

  • Submitting and documenting all permitted tax deductions

  • Project oversight from small repairs to large projects

  • Managing workers (our staff or contract)

  • Helping guest in any way possible before, during and after their stay

  • In country travel

  • Provisioning for guest and owners

  • Home inspections and identification of potential problems

  • Marketing potential rentals via our website and social media

  • Shipping logistics


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